Pompous Albert – The Honda Cat

September 11th, 2017 by

Meet Pompous Albert, The Honda Cat.

Before we get to Albert, we have to tip our hat to his predecessor, Grumpy Cat. In September of 2012, the internet was just beginning to meme. Then, this picture was posted to Reddit, and it changed everything.

With almost cartoon-like features, Tardar Sauce, (Grumpy Cat’s real name) became an internet sensation overnight. Thousands, millions of memes were created of the Grumpy Cat in no time. 5 years later, you can still expect Tardar Sauce to grace your news feed from time to time with a hilarious caption.

Grumpy Cat opened doors for cats everywhere. That’s where Pompous Albert comes in.

Honda brand advocate and professionally pompous, Albert’s rise to fame started in an office in Utah.

“He looks like he’s preparing to take over the world,” said Deana Peat, who works at a Utah business where the cat stays. -AOL

That’s right, Pompous Albert is taking over the world, one Honda ad at a time. A “Selkirk Rex” cat with a mean mug, Pompous Albert became an office cat when a coworker could no longer take care of him. From there, the workers began to Instagram Albert. 150,000 followers later, Albert is internet famous with a full-blown ad campaign under his belt.

We fell in love after watching these pieces by ad agency RPA to promote Genuine Honda parts and service.


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