Honda Upgrade Program – Lease Return

Is your lease almost up?

If so, we welcome your return. The process is simple. Just complete the form to the right and we will contact you. If you did not originally lease your car in Carlsbad with Hoehn Motors, you can still return it to us.

Honda Upgrade Program
Are you considering an upgrade? The Hoehn Honda Vehicle Upgrade Program is designed for you to step out of your current lease and into a new Honda with updated technology and cutting edge advanced safety features. Your new Honda is covered by a comprehensive warranty to provide peace of mind. The Honda Upgrade Program allows you to drive a new Honda sooner than later.

Look the best when you arrive at the party in the most current and advanced Honda yet.

If your old Honda is getting tired, we can upgrade that also. Hoehn Honda offers competitive lease and finance rates to help you find the car and payment that fits your budget.