Hoehn Tech Rob Murphy Wins 1st Place at TOPTECH ’17

November 1st, 2017 by

Trust us, your Honda is in good hands.

Recently, long time Hoehn Honda technician, Rob Murphy, earned 1st place in Zone 1 of Honda’s annual TOPTECH competition.

“Technicians play a critical role in a dealership’s fixed operations. The ability to take care of customers, maintain and fix any issues quickly and accurately affects not only profitability, but lifetime owner loyalty. This competition is to recognize the top technicians and honor their excellence and professionalism.” -Honda

The competition put techs to the test in a few key ways. We’ll break it down for you:

  1. Eight technicians were randomly assigned a number corresponding to eight different stations.
  2. The contest was comprised of eight issues broken down into stations. Some issues were on workbenches and some were on the vehicle.
  3. Contestants had 2 minutes to review any instructions at each station. After the 2 minutes passed, the contestant had 20 minutes to correctly and accurately diagnose the issue.

Equipped with a combination of experience, skillset, and a sharp mind, Rob Murphy made small work of these challenges. Rob was the only contestant who only looked at the stations without any hands-on work to diagnose the issues. Talk about detective work!

“We are enormously proud of Rob for participating in this event on our behalf and bringing home the gold!” -Susanah Hoehn
You can find the 2017 TOPTECH results here.

Now that he has placed 1st in Zone 1 (California) he will be moving on to the national contest. Wish him luck! Follow us Facebook & Instagram for updates on the national competition.

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