Hoehn Tech Rob Murphy Wins 1st Place at TOPTECH '17

Trust us, your Honda is in good hands. 

Last month, long time Hoehn Honda technician, Rob Murphy, earned 1st place in Zone 1 of Honda's annual TOPTECH competition.

 "Technicians play a critical role in a dealership’s fixed operations. The ability to take care of customers, maintain and fix any issues quickly and accurately affects not only profitability, but lifetime owner loyalty. This competition is to recognize the top technicians and honor their excellence…
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2017 Honda Clarity

Welcome Eco-Friendly Readers! 

We are ecstatic to announce we have 2 Honda Clarity-s at the store. The 100% electric vehicle is just one of the initiatives Honda set in place to make the world a little bit greener. There are 3 power plants available for the Honda Clarity: BEV or battery electric vehicle, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell. Though the BEV Clarity is the only one we have here at Hoehn, the others will…
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Frank's Retirement

Long time Hoehn Honda employee of over 30 years, Frank, retired this summer. Here are some photos from his retirement party! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the years, Frank. We will miss you dearly. 

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The Honda Civic Type R

Over this summer, we have had the pleasure to host not 1 but 2 Honda Civic Type R's in our showroom. 
The Honda Civic Type R debuted in 2017 breaking the record for fastest lap time at the Nurburgring for production front wheel drive vehicles with 7:43.8 time. 

Here are some specs for you on this incredible hot-hatch: 
Engine: 2.0L inline 4 cylinder
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Horsepower: 306 @ 6,500rpm
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Hoehn Honda Teams Up With Jessie Rees Foundation

For the second time, Honda Corporate has set aside a week to focus on giving back to the communities that so many Honda Dealers serve. Honda makes a wave of difference this week with over 20,000 volunteers participating in 450 service projects. Honda and it's participating partners are doing everything from auctioning off the very first Honda Civic Type R in the U.S. for charity, to volunteering at soup kitchens.
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